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I remember, when I was a boy, spending long periods of time in a village in La Mancha. Some nights, lying on the ground, I stayed looking for a long time at the sky and I was shocked by the great number of stars that I could see.

One summer night, in the late 1960’s, when villages had very little lighting, I looked at the sky and saw the constellation Cygnus and the splendour of the Milky Way as I've never seen it since. I spent a long time that night gazing at those parts of the sky and the more I looked, the more stars appeared and I was amazed when it showed me the intricate and very thin structures that make up the Milky Way.

I am often reminded of that vision and I believe from that moment onwards, I became attracted to stars in a passionate way.

I remember too the disappointment I suffered, when I was looking for information on the stars, I looked at our 1st degree Elementary Geography book. The first lesson was on the Universe, but two pages were inadequate for me. More unfortunately, the teacher skipped that first lesson doubting its importance.

Another key moment was when I had my frist magnifying lens. I was impressed by that optical magic. How a simple crystal could show me, an ant like a monster about to knock me down. After that, came my second lens and with both I tried do zoom in and out, looking through them both, I was trying to see stars closer and know what they had inside.

Obviously that happened many years ago, but those experiments left a strong impression on me and since then, I've never lost that enthusiasm and fascination for the stars and optics. Evidence of this are my telescopes, most of them hand made. These instruments were used to join camera bodies, objectives and telescopes and no end of adapters, filters and other obligatory astronomical gears.

Today, I have new projects, always with the purpose of improving the capture of images and showing the immense beauty that exists in the sky.

In order to popularize and show the wonders of this science, I am also dedicated to “Outreach activities of Astronomy” for schools and the general public, giving courses and making observations.

From the scenario that this website implies, let me share with you my experiences and my work. I hope it is to your liking, make yourself at home and have a nice time during your visit.

Thanks a lot for your attention.

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