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For my regular observations and practical classes for the courses I teach, I use three different configurations (refractor, newtonian and solar telescopes). The mount is an HEQ-5 PRO SkyWatcher and is the base of the configuration. It's the common element of three set-ups.

The HEQ-5 PRO is the typical german equatorial mount but includes polar finder and automatic object search system GOTO. With a database of some 13,000 objects, it meets perfectly my expectations in the observational field. I was pleased with the degree of accuracy in the targeted objects. With the polar alignment and a good alignment with three stars, you can order the system to GOTO an object with the security and certainty that it will be when you will look in the eyepiece.

With the GOTO; you can expand considerably the number of observed objects in one night. The mount offers the opportunity to enjoy as many of as the large number of objects that are cataloged in its database. If you want to use AutoGuide, a port type ST-4 is included, as well as, all typical elements for correction in astrophotography, as the PEC, Backslash adjustment, etc.

In my opinion, is a recommended mount for those not wishing to carry heavy equipment, who want a quick assembly and in one night want to gaze at a sky full of wonders.

Telescopio newtoniano de 150 mm

For "deep sky" observation, I use a Newtonian telescope of 150 mm diameter and 750 mm focal length (f: 5). It is a telescope designed and built by myself. I put all my efforts to achieve a reflector with medium focal and high quality, since; I intended to use it for astrophotography.

The primary mirror is a Discovery and it is a "Premium" piece, made of Pyrex. Its optical quality is very good, free of astigmatism and spherical aberration with a special coat of aluminium.

The secondary mirror is a real gem, it’s the ULS Quartz 1.83 ProtoStar with 96% reflectivity, dielectric coating, it’s one of the best flats optical that are manufactured today. ProtoStar sends the interferogram that analyzes the quality of your flat mirror.

The primary cell, the spider, the secondary support and focuser are pieces designed with painstaking efforts and made with lathe and milling machine.

Refractor Lunt

For solar observations I’m using a telescope made exclusively for this type of work. It’s a Lunt refractor of 60 mm diameter and 500 mm focal length. It includes a 'dual speed' focuser very useful when I’m trying to focus an image with utmost precision.

Watching the sun in narrowband in the lines of H alpha is all a spectacle. The standard filters are wideband, so, the observation is only of the photosphere, where you can see sunspots and faculae. With narrowband (<0.8 Angstrom bandpass) you can observe the chromosphere, where you can see the famous and spectacular prominences, coronal mass ejections, filaments, the supergranulation, spikes, spots, contrast, etc.. A series of events and phenomena that without this type of telescope would be impossible for the human eye to see. From these pages, I recommend a visit to the website of my good friend Jesús Carmona. There, you can delight yourself seeing some examples of what I have told.

Refractor ED  de 100

For the observation of the Moon and planets, I use an SkyWatcher ED refractor with 100 mm diameter and 900 focal lenght (f: 9). With a doublet ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) whose second element is fluorite (CaF2) FPL-53, instead of the typical Flint. This provides high quality (correcting chromatic aberration) and a beautifully contrast. It’s also very well corrected for spherical aberration.

The element of the doublet Crown is a Grade A Schott glass, a leading brand of prestige in the world of optics. I've been able to enjoy on some nights with a 'seeing' grade 5 the beauty of Saturn's rings, Jupiter's equatorial bands or the craters and seas of the Moon with an optical perfection and contrast capable of competing with the same size and a substantially higher price. I think this ED 100 is the best choice for an amateur, if you are searching for good value for money..

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